Highly recommended by builders, architects and interior designers, Jo Kobler is renowned for its custom hands on approach to stained glass. My impetus is one of a kind Arts and Crafts pieces that will fit into existing windows and doors - in your home or business. I come to you to create and design stained glass that will never be duplicated for anyone else. Your personality and my expertise will give you a piece that you will love for a lifetime. I also do restoration work for all stained glass.

Built on quality and continuous customer satisfaction, Jo Kobler Stained Glass Co LLC, of Corrales , NM is the place for all of your custom stained glass windows, doors, cabinets and beveled glass needs. My commitment is to provide the finest craftmanship and unique designs at an affordable price.

In designing for you, I pay special attention to not only the artisitic placement of the glass, but I also ensure the work will last for generations. Each piece will be handed down as a family heirloom.

Private Lessons Available:
Jo Kobler Stained Glass offers individual private lessons for one hour. Contact me for more information.