Why I chose to work in stained glass:

Stained glass becomes the focal point in any room. It commands attention. It changes visually as the sun moves through the sky. Even at night, it can look completely different yet stunningly beautiful. It pulls you to it. It makes a beautiful room sing.

My Studio:

I have a large stained glass studio in my home and I work alone. I want to be the sole contact with my clients so that nothing gets lost in translation. My clients can be assured that everything they want is done personally by me.

My Philosophy:

I love working with my clients and creating that perfect stained glass piece for them. Whether it's a large impressive piece or a smaller more subtle piece, every client gets the same service. It's a win-win for both of us. I'm not happy until my clients are happy. "It's ten times more beautiful than I ever imagined it to be…." that's what I want to hear. If I don't hear that when I'm finished with my client, then I haven't done my job well enough.

Customer service is my number one goal. Ethics and Integrity are what I use to achieve that goal. I Promise you that I will never do the same piece twice. I make a stained glass piece only once-for you-and never for another client. You are special and your stained glass will reflect that.