I take great pride in the work I produce for my clients and use a wide spectrum of color, unique textures and the highest quality glass in all my designs. I look forward to each new art creation and the excitement and joy it brings to each special client.

From simplistic square gems to elaborate colored pieces, I'll create a stunning piece you're sure to love. To the right are some ideas to get you started.

The Process:

First, I come to your home or business. I talk to you one on one about your style, your color choices, your favorite things, what you love and what you’re interested in as far as stained glass goes.

Then I show you stained glass photos to get an idea of what pleases your eye.

I have thousands of examples in my idea file. Some clients prefer to copy a motif that already exists in their home-such as a design in the upholstery or tile or picture on the wall. I can work off of any design. I can work any design into a window or door.

Some clients prefer to design the piece themselves with or without my help. My goal is to simply give you as much inspiration as you want or need. I literally try to “teach” you about stained glass so that you can be a part of the process if you so desire. I feel it’s my responsibility to offer you all of the options and techniques available to me.

I will take the time to show you all of the little “extras” that many stained glass retailers don’t such as bevels, colored bevels, colored nuggets, round facets, rondels, and square faceted pieces. These elements can add fabulous dimensional quality to a stained glass piece.

Then I begin to draw the piece in black and white. This does take time and it’s literally a process we have to go thru until the drawing is perfect. Oftentimes, changing one or two lines can totally change the “feel” of the piece. I will keep working with you until we both feel the final drawing is perfect. Then I draw the piece to scale and affix it to the window or door. You can see exactly what the finished piece will look like minus colors.

Lastly, we get to pick the colors for the piece IN YOUR HOME or BUSINESS. I bring them to you. I feel this is necessary because glass colors may look different in different environments. It’s imperative that we see them “in house.”

I will bring you as many color choices as you need to decide on the final selection. This process is the most fun!

Once the colors and design are decided upon, I complete the work in my studio. Lastly, I deliver the piece and do the installation. I do all of the work so you can thoroughly enjoy the process. You can be as involved in the process as you want. I see myself as an “interior designer” in stained glass. I can’t imagine designing a piece for someone if I haven’t seen your home or place of business.

Everything I do is included in my price and is custom made. No extra or hidden costs. I will visit your home or business as many times as I need to until you feel the piece is perfect.

With my price, you will receive up to six hours of actual design time in my studio which easily covers the design for a normal piece. After that, design time is charged at a set rate.