All of the work I do is custom designed especially and only for you. I visit your home and evaluate what your needs are in stained glass. And, I visit with you as many times as needed to create for you that perfect, one-of-a-kind piece.

We work together in the design, style placement and color until we achieve the perfect window to come alive in your home. Nothing adds more warmth, design, dimension and color to a room than stained glass.

I use a process to create a secure, stable seal to fit over your exisiting window or door. So, if you move, your creation moves with you if you so desire.


  • Bevel Sets
  • Entry Ways
  • Arches
  • Door Frames / Panels
  • Small Panels
  • Bathroom Windows
  • Large full-window panels
  • Stained Glass repair and/or restoration

New Construction - Contact me as soon as the construction begins so that we can begin to design the perfect piece for your new home or business..

Remodeling - The perfect time to change that entry way and increase curb appeal to your home. Stained Glass does not have to go in an outside window. It can also be used between rooms, hanging from the ceiling, between walls, the possibilities are endless.

Old, Common Front Door - Give it a face lift with a new stained glass panel YOU design.

Additional Privacy - Stained glass is a beautiful alternative to drapes or shutters, particularly in a bathroom or bedroom where many different clear glasses will allow sunlight in but will maintain your privacy.

"Heritage Window" - Create a vignette representative of your family tree, special spaces or vacations, your children...almost anything!

New or Outdated Cabinets - Stained glass panels can also be designed to fit into new or existing kitchen, bathroom, or bar cabinets. Additionally, if you just want to spruce up exisiting cabinets, the plain glass or wood centers can be replaced by numerous designs of clear or colored single panes of glass. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Private Lessons - White Iris offers individual private lessons for one hour. Contact me for more information.
Cost: $45.